Happy Birthday Sam Sheen, daughter of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen

Happy Birthday Future Super Model:)

Sam Sheen is turning 7 years old today and being born on March 9th, it makes this beautiful girl a Pisces. I love Pisces children in general as they are quite intuitive, calm, patient and fun. Sam Sheen is the daughter of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen of  Two and a Half Men on CBS.

Looking a little deeper into Sam’s astrological chart and using some intuitive skills of my own I will have to say the followings:

Sam Sheen was born  under “I Am Trying” star and being very kind and having a humanitarian nature, she is/will be wise beyond her years. Sam will also be a leader later in life and she probably shows signs of strong personality already.
At the moment this 7 years old is hurting over her dad’s situation. She is hurting for the past 4 years subconsciously, as children feel more than we could even imagine.

Come on Charlie, get it together for your kids!

We made some predictions for Charlie on our sister blog Celebs911 and I am still saying, please reach out! Charlie needs alternative help and we could provide it. Come on Charlie, for the sake of your lovely children and yourself, get help!

On the positive note this beautiful girl will start modeling when she will be about 12. She will also do photo shoots. She is drawn to pictures, image and colors.  Not only that she will model, but she will remind the world of former super model Claudia Shiffer in many ways. Sam Sheen is meant to have fame and fortune and plenty of media attention and guess what? She will!

Denise, your children are Angels:)

Denise, stay strong and please advise Charlie to get ANY help he can. Contact us if you will read this blog and we will help with assured discretion.

Sam will be the next Claudia Shiffer. Wonderful...

Happy Birthday Sam, and may all your wishes come true! Let me tell you something, whatever you will wish for, it will become reality! We pinky promise:)
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Project Runway’s Nina Garcia welcomes baby Alexander…

Congratulations on your little bundle of joy:)

Baby Alexander has arrived over the weekend for Project Runway judge Nina Garcia and her husband David Conrod, and we wish to congratulate them on this special occasion as their little bundle of joy entered this world:)

“Delighted to announce that over the weekend we welcomed 8lb13oz Alexander David  Conrod into our home” Marie Claire fashion director and proud mother wrote on Twitter. Even her 3 years old son, Lucas is filled with excitement over the news. “Baby is doing great & Lucas is thrilled!”

You carry such powerful name, so let’s see what your astrological chart holds:

Based on your unique name expression I should say that secrets of the universe, yet undiscovered, will hold a deep attraction for you. You will probe and seek the answers to the mystical questions that surround the study of the occult, and keep these answers to yourself. You will delve quietly but constantly, first into one subject and then another, until you learn all you can about each, storing this knowledge away for future use. You will study people quietly, always analyzing. You have great powers of insight and understanding and can generally size up a person very quickly , usually correctly. Your soul’s urge is for courage, intelligence, and spiritual bravery, on which you put the highest value for yourself as well as for others around you.

Dignity will be very important to you and very authoritative when need be, drawing on that wonderful store knowledge to which you keep adding each little tidbit you discover. Idealistic, you wish you could change whatever needs changing in our world of turmoil. Good will is priceless, and costs you nothing to give, and you spread it when you can. Your abilities to write and teach may lean toward the more technical and detailed. In the arts, music will likely be your choice.

We are very happy for the parents and of course we are looking forward to hear more about Alexander in the near future.  We are wondering what  trend setters this kids will be, after all, fashion runs through their veins:)

Little Angel Alexander, welcome to this new dimension, called Planet Earth. Blessings…

Oh, and Mrs. Garcia we invite you to take a look at our organic baby line as you might decide to dress you new baby with eco-friendly, inspirational, safer for his skin, garments? Congrats!



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Hello to all our readers!

We put together the BabyCelebs411 blog to celebrate the birthdays of each celebrity child, to acknowledge them and wish them the best of everything. In our unique approach we will put together a general numerology/astrology report based on their names or date of birth.

On this blog we wish to celebrate all children symbolically or through relating to one of the celebs babies/kids. Maybe your baby has the same date of birth, or month or name, but regardless, we are wishing ” Happy Birthday” to all children of the world!  They represent THE Future!  Let’s guide them, educate them, love them and instill true values through authentic meanings and examples for them. Overall, the more humble and connected we are, the greater their chances to succeed and fulfill their true potential.

We love kids and we are trying to make a change one step at the time. We are promoting eco friendly apparel, organic cotton, water based prints for a safer, gentler upbringing. Let’s not forget our incredible Planet as it’s our responsibility as adults, to make sure our children will inherit a wonderful universe to explore.


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**Please understand that we are not professional astrologers or numerologists. We are gathering relevant information for your child as an inspirational gift for their birthday and as a quick, fun reference guide for the parents.**