Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter, Zahara is celebrating her 6th birthday…..

Wonderful family:)

Happy 6th birthday Zahara:)

Always displaying a sweet smile and cute funny faces, Zahara Marley Jolie-Pitt is no stranger to the cameras and we get the feeling that she has the personality to match that beautiful face of hers.

The second oldest daughter of Hollywood’s glam power couple, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and one of our favorite to say the least, is celebrating her 6th birthday today and we wish to congratulate her on this special occasion with lots of joy, love and happiness and let’s not forget all the presents, of course:)

Royalty Hollywood couple:)

We are thrilled as always as we get a chance to write about Angelina and Brad once again, we posted our future predictions for them on our sister blog as they will always remain on top of our list of favorite celebrity couples:….

We can go on and on about their artistic achievements and philanthropic endeavors and this couple truly live up to their name and destiny and most importantly giving a second chance and a wonderful life to their adopted children.

Zahara’s story is short of a miracle as this little one did not have an easy start in life with her new found family. Born in Ethiopia, little Zahara was adopted by Angelina from a Children’s orphanage when she was 6 months old and shortly after, it was discovered that she was suffering from malnutrition, dehydration, and salmonella poisoning. After a week in the hospital and extensive treatments, Zahara made it through and now we see her grow right before our eyes into a happy, high-spirited little girl:)

We wish her a wonderful and healthy life and with tradition on mind, let’s see what the stars have to say about little Zahara and her lovely personality:

Angelina with her adopted daughter, Zahara:)

We are not a bit surprised that your destiny is in the role of the mediator and the peacemaker. In many ways you are dependent on others and seem to function in a partnership or in some form of group activity. Modesty runs deep in your nature, and you can work comfortably without recognition of your accomplishments. Often, others get credit for your ideas, and this is of little real concern to you since you are such a willing team player…and you must be with all your siblings and lovely family.

As you grow in this direction, you become sensitive to the feelings of others and you are ever diplomatic in handling complicated situations.  You have the capacity to become an outstanding facilitator and you are cooperative, courteous, and considerate. You most definitely know how to organize and handle people and you are a good detail person because you rarely overlook anything. Tactful and friendly, nearly everyone likes you.

One of your highest motivations is toward the idealistic concepts, and the sharing of your ideas and concepts with humanity;  the selfless humanitarian as you understand the needy and want to help them. Much of your thinking and interest will relate to the abstract, the spiritual, and the utopian dreams.


As you see litte Zahara, you have a dream of the perfect world, and with your inner strength and devotion to your beliefs anything is possible and achievable to the highest level.

Happy 6th birthday !!!!


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Angelina Jolie adopted son, Pax Thien is celebrating his 7th birthday…

Happy 7th Birthday Pax:)

Birthday celebration on the luxurious Josephine river boat in Paris:)

Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt is turning 7 years old today and we couldn’t be more thrilled for this little one!

No stranger to the public eye, Pax celebrated his birthday a day early as his celebs parents Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had some wonderful surprises prepared in honor of the occasion.

From hot-air balloon ride to the luxurious Josephine riverboat for a cruise on the river Seine in Paris to yellow and blue balloons and lots of birthday cake and sweets, this was a full day party excitement made to be remembered and celebrated together with his siblings Maddox 8, Zahara 5 and Shiloh 4 (minus the twins). Well:) you are a very special and lucky little one and your parents must love you dearly.

Always a hands-on mom:)

Now, let’s see what the stars are saying about your true personality and life path based on your unique name expression: Your name translates in “peaceful sky” – Pax is latin for “peace” and Thien is Vietnamese for “Sky” wonderful:)

Based on your name expression I should say that very little ever really surprises you, for you are always prepared for anything and take it quite easily in your stride-a good trait to have in this hectic world of ours. When all others are in a state of panic, you always manage to keep your head and think sensibly; you are just the person to handle emergencies.

You are intelligent, and this sees you through whenever you are in doubt about some action you are contemplating. There is no passionate emotion involved in making your decisions, just quiet contemplation and intelligence. When wrong, you don’t try to cover up your errors because you can see why they are incorrect and learn from them. You know that we learn through mistakes and can get something useful from them; so you feel you have gained a bit more knowledge and experience to use positively another time.

The happiness of others is paramount to you, and you are moved to action by the plight of those less fortunate. Peace on earth will be your main concern, and you would sacrifice anything if you could bring it about. Since you cannot wave a wand and grant a miracle, you do whatever you can to extend the word of peace and work for it whenever the opportunity presents itself.

The sorry state of the world saddens and angers you. Where others simply disassociate themselves from poverty, crime, and suffering unless they are personally affected by it, you concern yourself with the plight of everyone.

Madox and Pax Thien enjoy a boat ride:)

You a very lucky and special little boy Pax Thien, and with your depth, charisma and magnetism you will lead by example and inspiration and without doubt stand out in any crowd.


Happy 7th Birthday Pax and wish you lots, lots of presents and many wonderful surprises!


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