“Cougar Town” actress, Christa Miller, is celebrating her son’s 8th birthday….

Actress Christa Miller with husband writer-producer Bill Lawrence. Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

"Cougar Town" actress Christa Miller:)

We first saw her play the role of Kate O’Brien in the long running tv sitcom „The Drew Carey Show”, or as an acerbic ex-wife to Dr.Cox in the hit show „Scrubs” created and written by her husband Bill Lawrence, but we all come to recognize actress Christa Miller from her leading role and starting along side Courteney Cox in the ABC’s sitcom show „Cougar Town”. Today we would like to congratulate her as she celebrates, together with her family, her son’s William Stoddard 8th birthday and on this special occasion, we wish this little one many presents, joy and wonderful surprises:)

With tradition in mind, let’s see what the stars have to say about dear William as a Capricorn sign born on January 3rd, 2003.

Based on your date of birth, rarely will you have to wonder how and where to make friends or look for social involvement, for there will be gaiety and socializing through all your life. Three is the number of self-expression and you will find yourself always dealing with large groups of people. You are the typical „Life of the Party” and people will always be strongly attached to you. Therefore, you will have  a whole host of friends without much effort on your part. Through you have a natural charm and graciousness, you do consciously strive to show these assets, realizing that your social successes have been based on them. You have a gift of curiosity along with versatility, so you can be interested in any number of fields. In your life path you may be involved in spiritual, philosophical or educational issues as your extreme sensitivity makes you understand and respond easily to people, atmosphere, attitudes and personalities. This makes you very perceptive and actuates your interest in the meaning behind everything you come across.

Complete freedom to travel as you please through life is your great desire and you could easily spend several years living and/or working abroad and, with your adventurous spirit  you love country and outdoor pursuits such as riding, skiing and even parachuting:)

With your high aspirations it’s no surprise that you will mingle with the famous, succesful and the wealthy and you will achieve recognition of some kind in your life.

So, dear William, we love your highly imaginative, quick-witted spirit and your great enthusiasm and love for life will open the doors for many experiences that we hope you’ll enjoy to the fullest. Above all, you are a Capricorn child and”perserverance” characterizes the overall aspects and desires of your sign. Our inspirational, organic tees encapsulate your true essence with sooper, dooper cute designs and vibrant colors.

All our best wishes and Happy 8th birthday celebration !!


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Happy Birthday to Deacon Reese, son of Reese Whiterspoon and Ryan Phillippe

Happy 7th Birthday Deacon:) Photo by:Alex Wong/Getty Images

Deacon Reese was born in October 23, 1993, which will make him now, 7 years old. Well now, who doesn’t love Reese Whiterspoon, the Legally Blonde star? I believe we all do! 🙂 By the way BabyCelebs411 wishes Reese, congrats on her engagement. All the best!

Now back to little Deacon. You are turning 7, what an impressive age..you must be a first grader. How proud you must be!

BabyCelebs411 wishes you all the best in the world, health, happiness and love.

Let’s see a little bit what the numbers are saying for the date of 23rd.

You are a persuasive, interesting, and clever person. There is a mischievous playfulness about you, and you like to poke fun at more serious or pompous individuals. You have much magnetic appeal. You are fiercely protective of those you love, as well as passionate and highly perceptive. You are one of the most observant people around, and your understanding of human nature makes you wiser than years in age. You don’t miss much that’s going around you! Your wit is sharp, yet you are sensitive to the feelings of people you hold dear.

Ryan Phillippe enjoys a day with son Deacon and daughter Ava

This is a year of enhanced imagination and intuition for you–a fabulous period in your life to discover or rediscover your artistic and creative talents. Realistic optimism is your avenue to success. while impatience is a potential downfall. Being in sync with your intuition and sensitivity helps you to further your career and wins you respect from others. Intellectual advancements are likely. ( You must do really good in school):)

Mother and son out shopping:) Photo by:Photo Agency

Well..it seems that fun is in the air for you, presents and loved ones around you… Enjoy your big day !:)


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Happy Birthday Mathilda Ereni, daughter of Molly Ringwald and Panio Gianopoulos

Great Family!:) Photo by Jeff Vespa/Getty Images

Molly and Mathilda Photo by: Gabriela Maj/Getty Images

How special Mathilda is for her parents on her 7th Birthday? I am sure she will be celebrated with love and joy as every little girl should be. Well, I have to say that this day is very important to me in particular as my son, Nicholas was born on October 22, 1994. Yes, he is turning 16 and I couldn’t be any more proud than I am .

So, Molly and Panio, I wish your daughter Mathilda ,the best of everything from the bottom of my heart.

Now let’s look at what being born on the 22nd day of the month means?

Well, you are the Supreme Builder, the Architect of the Universe. Nothing around you can be mismatched, unplanned or superficially done. You must plan everything you do and then carry out the plans personally, adhering to every detail. You are also blessed with power, strength  and tenacity, which are great qualities for the future business person you will become. No one could doubt your efficacy and efforts as you have complete faith in what you do.

Your Personality Profile:

Although you are personally magnetic, you have a manner that is slightly intimidating to others, making you a little hard to get close to. You give off the subtle impression that perhaps you don’t really need new people in your life. You do, although you tend to be somewhat selective when it comes to your social life, simply because your work is extremely important to you and you value your time. There is a no-nonsense directness about you that inspires trust in others. You give the impression of solidity, strength of character, dependability and honesty. Although you are an idealist and visionary, you still manage to keep your feet on the ground. You don’t seem capable of doing things halfway, and that includes your relationships. You are quite focused on achieving in life.You are highly intelligent, productive, and filled with fresh, yet practical ideas.

dependable – idealistic – observant

Born Today

Deepak Chopra, born October 22, 1946 Author, healer, inspirational leader.

You are very special and again: Happy Birthday from BabyCelebs411! 🙂


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Happy Birthday Winston James Fox, son of Billie Piper and Laurence Fox

Little Winston Fox is turning 2 years old! Congrats!

How cute is Winston in the safety of his parent’s arms? All babies are angels and they deserve the best life could offer them. In our case we created the GooRoo Baby Organics to cater to babies up to 2 years old.

Billie Piper is an English actress and singer married Laurence Fox in 2006. They had Winston through an emergency C section on October 21st, 2008.

Our view for Winston is based on his birth day.  Kids born on the 21st are the proverbial “social butterflies”. You do enjoy an active, cheerful social life, but your enjoyment extends to the people themselves, not only to the joyfulness of events that will abound in your life. You are deeply interested in the people, large groups at the time and it comes naturally to you to relate to most social surroundings. In fact you are often the center of attention, which you carry off very well. You prefer to keep conversations happy and light instead of very deep ones, regardless that you have the wit and intelligence for it. You are blessed with many talents and the one that stands out is your talent for oratory. I believe that this skill will make you prone to speak to masses of people, mentoring and guiding them. Words are to you like the harpsichord to Bach and you use them like a paintbrush, painting life as you see it, in your case bright, airy and happy.

Happy Birthday Winston from Baby Celebs411 and may you be healthy, happy and a great role model.


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