Christina Aquilera’s son Max is turning 3 years old today :)

Happy 3rd Birtday Max:)

Little BatMax:)

Christina Aquilera, mommy to son Max has plenty of reasons to smile today as her little angel is turning yet another milestone in his life with the celebration of his 3rd birthday:)

Always styling with hip outfits and trendy hats, this little tot is adorable and on this special occasion we wish him many wonderful presents, love & joy and much laughter:)

Always a Diva:)

Needless to say, here at Babycelebs411 we think very highly of Christina’s powerhouse voice and face value, and she has come a long way from her days as “Dirty” girl and not so flattering outfits, gracing us as one of the most beautiful:) Recently reclaiming the spotlight with her first major movie appearance playing the character of  Ali Rose in the Golden Globe nominated movie “Burlesque” starting along Cher, Christina’s life seems to be back on track and with a new man in her life…none other than little Max.

Very exciting to write yet once again about our favorite artist and we posted our future predictions for Christina a while back on our sister blog as news of her divorce from husband Jordan Bratman (and Max’s dad) first started circulating in the media:

Let’s see what’s in the stars for 3 year old Max and as you are blessed with the power of number 4 vibration, you are a very sturdy, self- reliant soul.

You really don’t need anyone else for help and entertainment and your own company is the best as far as you are concerned. Being very well balanced and stable, it is not be unusual for your friends to seek your help when they are in trouble. They know you are a tower of strength – if anyone can come to their aid, it is you – and you always will.

3rd birthday celebration at Disney World:)

Whatever talent or ability you might have, no matter in what field it may be, you use it to its fullest extent and always for the good. You would consider using your talent frivolously to be sinful indeed. Therefore, you generally attain the goals you aim for by positive and constant effort. The number 4 always stands for hard and devoted labor, but it also signifies that whatever one sows, one reaps. In your case, you sow only the best and will reap only the best, because you cannot sow sickly or week-minded seeds. Everything you endeavor to do is of the highest merit, at least to you.

Your greatest joy comes from doing good works that will profit mankind. Esthetic thoughts and ideas give you wonderful inspiration, which you generally manifest in an artistic way. You would enjoy using the artistic scene, in whatever form it is presented, to paint over the drabness of the world and convert it to shiny brightness.

Always congenial and sociable, dear Max you can be dazzling 🙂 And remember, if you permit your positive destiny to rule your life you cannot go wrong. You have so much to offer and your world revolves around your contributions.



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Stella McCartney welcomes baby girl….


London’s fashion designer and one of my favorite for many reasons, Stella McCartney has her own miracle to rejoice in this Holiday Season as she welcomes baby girl Reiley into the world. The cute little bundle of joy is the designer’s fourth child with her husband Alasdhair Willis and joins big brother Miller 5, sister Bailey 3 and little man Becket 2.

Baby girl Reiley made her entrance on November 23 in a London hospital weighting in at a solid 8 lbs. We couldn’t be happier for the family  and we bet granpa Paul McCartney is all pride and joy:)

Let’s see what the stars say about this little one:

The numerological value of your birth date reveals the path of your destiny and suggests the line of personal development necessary to help you attain all you wish from life. Yours is number 1, and as in everything this number denotes the first. You have a strong sense of individuality and are here to bring positive creative energy into the world – which we are not a bit surprise:)

The creative energy can be channeled into classical arts – music, acting, dance, writing, and to her fine arts or crafts. In order to manifest your creativity most fully, you must develop a sense of confidence, which enables you to take risks and dare to take ” the road less traveled”.

You are a leader, independent, fiery and will have great organizational abilities. With a strong mind, usually need to be the “best” at something and you will want to be noticed, adored and loved. In younger years, you might enjoy hanging out with adults rather than kids your own age, as you are more mature than most of their peers. As a number 1 consider yourself lucky; you’ll have a lot of enthusiasm for life and won’t take “no” for an answer.You surely won’t settle for being number 2! In your heart, you know you are special and recognize that you deserve great things.

Your destiny will be one of great power and success, so darling little baby Reiley welcome to this world, enjoy each and every new experience and go after your dreams!

we admire your efforts towards sustainability:)

We Congratulate the parents on this occasion and as much as we love Stella McCartney’s fashion sense, we mostly admire her strong believes and efforts she puts forth towards sustainability, eco-friendly and organic. We feel just as passionate on the subject as we are promoting eco-friendly, organic baby garments with the creation of our GooRoo Baby collection for a safer and healthier upbringing while protecting our Planet in the process.

We’d love to see this next little fashionista in one of our sooper dooper cute outfits:)


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John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston welcome son Benjamin….

what a blessing:) Photo by: Bauer Griffin

Baby Benjamin has arrived and we couldn’t be happier for John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston as their little bundle of Divine Joy entered this world:)

What an incredible blessing and as we are filled with joy for the new parents we wish to Congratulate them on this wonderful day when they welcome son Benjamin to their perfect family.

In a released statement John, Kelly and their daughter Ella Bleu are said to be „ecstatic” about the newest member of the family who was born in a Florida Hospital on Tuesday night November 23, and weighted 8 lbs 3 oz: „Both mother and baby are healthy and doing beautifully”

Life is a series of stages of learning and self discovery with each stage paving the way for the next, and needless to say this miracle baby arrived in our world against all odds and chose his parents for their ability to love, accept and understand. We believe he is very special and  will make a difference with his strong sense and loving  individuality 🙂

The family is "ecstatic" with the newest addition:) Photo: Bauer Griffin

Let’s see what the stars have to say about this little Angel:

Based on the day you entered this world, two influences shape your life – change and words –  and I should say that influence is an important one because it brings with it the power of total expression and persuasion.You will be able to express yourself in vivid, colorful manner that will make others live vicariously through you, and thus injecting some excitement into their own lives. You could excel at speaking, acting (we are not a bit surprised on this) or performing in any way and easily sway the masses with your marvelous powers. With you innate wisdom and perception will make you an excellent judge of character, always accepting the good with the bad. All of this makes you an interesting and exciting individual, and extremely popular, since you can add something to relationships that few others can.

Your destiny number is 1 and as in everything, number one denotes the first and suggests the direction of growth in your lifetime will be toward gaining greater independence and establishing yourself as a leader. With your strong sense of individuality and positive nature you will be assure of leadership in all your endeavors. Furthermore you abound in creative inspiration, and possesses the enthusiasm and drive to accomplish a great deal. Your drive and potential for action comes directly from the enormous depth of strength you have, and with this strength comes utter determination and the capability to lead.

Congratulations and many blessing:) Photo: PacificCoast News

Dear Benjamin, you are very special and along with your parents, we are proud to welcome you in this world  with all your wonderful qualities and traits you posses. You have within you what it takes to become an original person with a creative approach and be a shinning example to all.


Love and Peace.


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Ashlee Simpson’s son, Bronx Wentz, is turning 2 years old today…

Happy 2nd Birthday Bronx:)

we are diggin your curly blond hair and mini Ugg boots:)

With so many celebrity babies and birth announcements this week we are overwhelmed with joy and today there is a big Bronx celebration ….and we are not talking about the Big Apple.

Little Bronx Wentz is turning 2 years old today and on this special occasion our wishes for this little toddler are of love and happiness with lots of presents and birthday surprises:)

Lots of reasons to celebrate in your family this week, and being on the subject we  like to extend our Congratulations to your aunt Jessica Simpson on her engagement. We wrote a lovely article on our sister blog, and we hope she enjoys it and and provides her with guidance and happiness.

What a wonderful age to celebrate and now that you are more like a little person instead of a baby anymore your curiosity must be at its peak. You will be ready to explore, test and understand everything that’s going on around you so enjoy every new discovery you will make along the way:)

With a pop star mother, Ashlee Simpson, and a rock star father, Pete Wentz, I am sure you will be celebrated with so much love and joy and we dare to imagine all the lovely surprises your parents have prepared for you today:)

Let’s see what your destiny reveals about your path and what surprises await for you in this wonderful journey called life.

From the first day you came to life, on November 20, 2008, you are governed by your destiny bestowed upon you and your true personality and individual traits.

Freedom is your proudest possession, and you will allow no one to interfere with it. This sense of freedom manifests itself in constant pursuit of adventure. Your natural wit, enthusiasm, and boundless energy make this possible. You are not always consistent in your temperament, experiencing great highs and lows: you are sometimes docile, sometimes in black temper. However, this variance of mood always implies a chameleon-like intellect that can match the mood at times, advancing or remaining static as the situation demands.

You thoroughly enjoy everything that goes on in this great universe. Your interest, combined with your wit and sense of humor, makes you the center of attraction of any group. Words are gems you enjoy giving to those around you, and the means by which you express all you have learned and experienced. Though usually humorous, you are by no means merely a clown. Serious subjects are also your pleasure, and you express yourself well, but take care to show your mastery of the language only in areas where your knowledge is complete. You can so easily misinform people because your way of expressing yourself orally can hold them captive, and they often believe whatever you say.

Sarcasm and humor, though assets, can also be weapons when used against someone unable to compete – without your command of rhetoric. Control your thoughts to the point of channeling them only into the proper areas to further yourself and your career and life.

Be prepared for quick and frequent changes – moves and travel. Accept these changes with a spirit of adventure, and keep moving. Yours is not a life of steadiness in any case, so leave each place or relationship with no regrets. Seek all the new experiences you can find and store the knowledge gained for future use. Learn languages and use them wherever you can to get even more out of every situation.

so cute..

Little Bronx you are very special and your ingenuity and adaptability that you have been endowed with will allow you to do more than one thing at a time and give double the rewards.

Happy 2nd Birthday and many blessings from babycelebs411.


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Happy Birthday Grace Burns, daughter of Christy Turlington and husband Ed Burns

Ed Burns and wife Christy Turlington Photo by:Joe Kohen/Getty Images

Mother and daughter share a smooch:) Photo by: Hector Vallenilla/Pacific Coast News

This adorable little girl is Grace Burns, daughter of model Christy Turlington and husband (actor/writer/director)  Ed Burns.

Today Grace is celebrating her 7th birthday and babycelebs411 wishes her peace, love and happiness, wonderful presents and a happy celebration.

We love and admire Christy Turlington for the message of solidarity and maternal health issues she brings in her latest documentary “No Women No Cry” which rightly earned her a nomination for the Do Something with Style award from VH1.

Awareness is key, and in our case we are  providing healthier and safer garments for your newborns and young babies by creating  GooRoo Baby Organics collection while keeping our Planet greener for future generations.

Ed Burns and daugther Grace on Greenwich Village:)

Our view on Grace today is based on total name expression which indicates the direction you should find your success and happiness.

There are 10 letters in your name. Those 10 letters total to 45
There are 3 vowels and 7 consonants in your name.

Your number is: 9

Humanitarian – selflessness – creative expression.

You can achieve whatever is in your heart because all the powers to command are at your disposal and Goodwill toward others is extremely important to you. Set your goals and never swerve from it, no matter what the obstacles might be. See as much of the world as possible, making a point of delving into the soul of everyone you meet, wherever you go. This is necessary to build your understanding of the universe that is yours, according to the expressed destiny of your name.

Love, sympathy, and tolerance highlight your character and your talents center in humanistic interests and approaches. You operate best when you follow your feelings and sense of compassion, and allow yourself to be sensitive to the needs of others. If you are able to achieve the potential of your natural expression in this life, you are capable of much human understanding and have a lot to give to others.

Fame is far more important to you than material possessions, which really aren’t too tempting at all. You would rather be well-known for some accomplishments than for your wealth. Words and media with which to express them are you avenue to this fame. Being in the public eye is food for you soul, and you are at your best before an audience. Luckily, your destiny provides your with the wherewithal to attain and maintain center stage.

Accept it, do your best, and enjoy it….Happy 7th Birthday !!


GooRoo Girls

Happy Birthday Winston James Fox, son of Billie Piper and Laurence Fox

Little Winston Fox is turning 2 years old! Congrats!

How cute is Winston in the safety of his parent’s arms? All babies are angels and they deserve the best life could offer them. In our case we created the GooRoo Baby Organics to cater to babies up to 2 years old.

Billie Piper is an English actress and singer married Laurence Fox in 2006. They had Winston through an emergency C section on October 21st, 2008.

Our view for Winston is based on his birth day.  Kids born on the 21st are the proverbial “social butterflies”. You do enjoy an active, cheerful social life, but your enjoyment extends to the people themselves, not only to the joyfulness of events that will abound in your life. You are deeply interested in the people, large groups at the time and it comes naturally to you to relate to most social surroundings. In fact you are often the center of attention, which you carry off very well. You prefer to keep conversations happy and light instead of very deep ones, regardless that you have the wit and intelligence for it. You are blessed with many talents and the one that stands out is your talent for oratory. I believe that this skill will make you prone to speak to masses of people, mentoring and guiding them. Words are to you like the harpsichord to Bach and you use them like a paintbrush, painting life as you see it, in your case bright, airy and happy.

Happy Birthday Winston from Baby Celebs411 and may you be healthy, happy and a great role model.


GooRoo Girls

Happy Birthday Hermes Gustaf Daniel, son of Kelly Rutherford


son Hermes and mom Kelly


Happy Birthday from BabyCelebs411! We are pleased to acknowledge your 4th Birthday and to wish you peace, love and many presents, of course. With a mom like yours, I’m sure you have many things to look forward to. Oh, by the way, the fashion from Gossip Girl is just amazing.

Hermés Gustaf Daniel Giersch, with a name like yours you are number: 8

There are 24 letters in your name. There are 8 vowels and 16 consonants.

The characteristics of 8 are: Practical Endeavors, Status oriented, Power seeking, High material goals.

The 8 expression is well equipped in managerial sense. You have outstanding organizational and administrative capabilities. You have the potential for considerable achievement in business and powerful positions. You can expect to receive the financial and material rewards from the Universe. You have the skills to establish and operate businesses with great efficiency. You have good judgment when it comes to money and you understand ow to build and accumulate material wealth. Your ability to judge characters might be one of your best ability. No one has more energy, self confidence, and determination as number 8. You should avoid always to use your power to the detriment of others and your blessings will be many.

Your inner dream is to foster and guide the perfect family in a perfect home, with love and admiration.

Happy Birthday to you and all the best to your family and friends.


mother and son out for lunch... Adorable!:)



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Hello to all our readers!

We put together the BabyCelebs411 blog to celebrate the birthdays of each celebrity child, to acknowledge them and wish them the best of everything. In our unique approach we will put together a general numerology/astrology report based on their names or date of birth.

On this blog we wish to celebrate all children symbolically or through relating to one of the celebs babies/kids. Maybe your baby has the same date of birth, or month or name, but regardless, we are wishing ” Happy Birthday” to all children of the world!  They represent THE Future!  Let’s guide them, educate them, love them and instill true values through authentic meanings and examples for them. Overall, the more humble and connected we are, the greater their chances to succeed and fulfill their true potential.

We love kids and we are trying to make a change one step at the time. We are promoting eco friendly apparel, organic cotton, water based prints for a safer, gentler upbringing. Let’s not forget our incredible Planet as it’s our responsibility as adults, to make sure our children will inherit a wonderful universe to explore.


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**Please understand that we are not professional astrologers or numerologists. We are gathering relevant information for your child as an inspirational gift for their birthday and as a quick, fun reference guide for the parents.**

Birthday Bash for Olive Cohen, Sasha Cohen’s and Isla Fisher Daughter.


Photo by: Bauer Griffin


** Olive Cohen’s Birthday is on October 17th **

**The settings were on the wrong time zone **

Happy 3rd Birthday Olive from BabyCelebs411! As we started our blog on your birthday, you are our first babyceleb. You are very special. Your symbol of Peace and Humanitarianism, it makes you perfect for the message we want to bring awareness on: Environment and Planet. We need all the help we could get:)

How proud and happy your celeb parents might be having such a cute, lovely, kind little girl.

Your Name: Olive Cohen

There are 10 letters in your name, 5 vowels and 5 consonants. Your first name means, Symbol of Peace.

Your Number is 9. The qualities of 9 are: Humanitarian, Selflessness, Giving Nature, Creative Expression.

The expression of number 9:

Your talents center in humanistic interests and approaches. You like to help others as you were intended the “big sister” type. You operate best when you follow your feelings and sense of compassion , and allow yourself to be sensitive to the needs of others. You work well with others and you have the potential to inspire. This suggests that you could successfully teach or counsel. Creative ability, imagination, and artistic talent of the highest level are present in the expression of number 9. Be aware of your capabilities so that you could make use of them at the appropriate times. You are quite idealistic and disappointed of the lack of perfection in the World. You have a strong sense of your own feelings and others, which means, friendships, affection and love are extremely important to you.

Now I will write a few interesting facts relevant to your date of birth, October 17th, 2007

Your date of conception was on or about January 24th, 2007 which was a Wednesday. You were born on a Wednesday under the astrological sign of Libra.

Your fortune cookie reads:
Plan for many pleasures ahead.

Your Birthday falls into the Chinese year beginning 2/18/2007 and ending 2/6/2008. You were born under the Chinese year of the Pig. Your Native American Zodiac sign id Raven and your plant is Ivy.

Your birth tree is Maple- Independence of Mind. Under the Maple tree you are no ordinary person, you have prolific imagination and originality, a little shy and reserved, ambitious, proud, self respected, good memory and you want to impress.

Your birth flower is Marigold.

Your birth stone is Tourmaline.

Your lucky day is Friday.
Your lucky number is 6.
Your ruling planet(s) is Venus.
Your lucky dates are 6th, 15th, 24th.
Your opposition sign is Aries.

Photo by: Babble

We would like to congratulate you and your family on this great day and wish you a Sooper Dooper cute party with many presents!:)


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