Christina Aquilera’s son Max is turning 3 years old today :)

Happy 3rd Birtday Max:)

Little BatMax:)

Christina Aquilera, mommy to son Max has plenty of reasons to smile today as her little angel is turning yet another milestone in his life with the celebration of his 3rd birthday:)

Always styling with hip outfits and trendy hats, this little tot is adorable and on this special occasion we wish him many wonderful presents, love & joy and much laughter:)

Always a Diva:)

Needless to say, here at Babycelebs411 we think very highly of Christina’s powerhouse voice and face value, and she has come a long way from her days as “Dirty” girl and not so flattering outfits, gracing us as one of the most beautiful:) Recently reclaiming the spotlight with her first major movie appearance playing the character of  Ali Rose in the Golden Globe nominated movie “Burlesque” starting along Cher, Christina’s life seems to be back on track and with a new man in her life…none other than little Max.

Very exciting to write yet once again about our favorite artist and we posted our future predictions for Christina a while back on our sister blog as news of her divorce from husband Jordan Bratman (and Max’s dad) first started circulating in the media:

Let’s see what’s in the stars for 3 year old Max and as you are blessed with the power of number 4 vibration, you are a very sturdy, self- reliant soul.

You really don’t need anyone else for help and entertainment and your own company is the best as far as you are concerned. Being very well balanced and stable, it is not be unusual for your friends to seek your help when they are in trouble. They know you are a tower of strength – if anyone can come to their aid, it is you – and you always will.

3rd birthday celebration at Disney World:)

Whatever talent or ability you might have, no matter in what field it may be, you use it to its fullest extent and always for the good. You would consider using your talent frivolously to be sinful indeed. Therefore, you generally attain the goals you aim for by positive and constant effort. The number 4 always stands for hard and devoted labor, but it also signifies that whatever one sows, one reaps. In your case, you sow only the best and will reap only the best, because you cannot sow sickly or week-minded seeds. Everything you endeavor to do is of the highest merit, at least to you.

Your greatest joy comes from doing good works that will profit mankind. Esthetic thoughts and ideas give you wonderful inspiration, which you generally manifest in an artistic way. You would enjoy using the artistic scene, in whatever form it is presented, to paint over the drabness of the world and convert it to shiny brightness.

Always congenial and sociable, dear Max you can be dazzling 🙂 And remember, if you permit your positive destiny to rule your life you cannot go wrong. You have so much to offer and your world revolves around your contributions.



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Will Ferrell is celebrating his son’s, Mattias, 4th birthday…

Funny man Will Ferrell and wife Viveca Paulin🙂

We all grew to love funny man and comic actor Will Ferrel throughout the array of popular characters he played during his appearances on the NBC’s hit show „Saturday Night Live” and who can forget the role of an earnest male cheerleader or his so funny impersonation of President George W. Bush  among others. With his outrageous, larger-than-life attitude he emerged as a comic force in many features like „Old School”,” Elf” and „Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”, but  my old-time favorite still remains his role in „Night at the Roxbury” with the catching  dance moves that I must admit of trying once in a while:) I believe during the filming of „Night at the Roxbury” is where he met his swedish wife, actress Viveca Paulin and today there is a celebration in the family as their second born son, Mattias is turning 4 years old.

Happy family attending K-Swiss tennis event:) Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

With many wonderful wishes to convey to this little one and amazing party celebration, Babycelebs411 would like to acknowledge your birthday with love, happiness and many, many presents, balloons and the occasional fireworks:)

With this in mind and true to our blog, let’s see all the wonderful things we have in stars for you today. Your first name is a Swedish form of Mathew meaning  „gift from God” and  and inner dream number expression as 9.

Based on this, you dream of being creative, intellectual, and universal; the selfless humanitarian. For you little Mattias, justice and truth are the foundation upon which you not only build your own life but what you expect of your family and friends as well. You won’t brook any deviation of this rule – white lies are just plain lies to you, and you see no need for tolerating such evasiveness. You can accept almost any weakness in your friends if they can be honest with you. But you will try to help those possessing negative qualities because you feel life is wasted if it is not used constructively. Honesty is the keynote in all you do or think and you will express this wonderful trait throughout your life, and it is the basis of all your ambition. Before you do or say anything at all, it must ring true with your conscience so that you can forge ahead with great inspiration. Intuitively, you do just the right thing because you cannot stand imperfection.

You are intelligent, sincere, vibrant, and creative – necessary ingredients for a rich, full, and satisfying existence.You will enjoy people who have something to give rather then insignificant individuals who never have an interesting thought and cannot carry on an enlightening conversation. Nine is the number of universality and 9s are often possessed of some great message for the world that can help us all. If possible, you will travel the world and absorb all the culture that abounds in every one of the four corners of our world.

Indeed, dear Mattias you have a great future ahead of you and likely to become a very peaceful and poised individual.

Happy 4th birthday and if all possible, search and follow your dreams and you will be surrounded with love and hapiness at all times.


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Julia Roberts is celebrating her twins, Hazel and Finn, 6th birthday…

Julia Roberts and husband Daniel Moder:)

Julia Roberts attending Glamour Magazine Women of the year:)

Julia Roberts is indeed one of Hollywood‘s sweethearts and stole our hearts and captured audiences with her catching laughter when she played Vivian along with co-star Richard Gere in the romantic comedy “Pretty Women“. Ever since then, her name and talent were evident and indeed she has become one of Hollywood’s brightest stars with hit movies like ” Notting Hill”, “Erin Brockovich” and the latest adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert‘s best selling memoir “Eat, Pray, Love” when we ran to the theaters to see her play the role of Liz’ on her journey to finding independence and desire for love.

Well:) who doesn’t love Julia Roberts and we can’t believe we get to write about her two little angels, Hazel and Finn, as they are celebrating their 6th birthday today and what a wonderful age to acknowledge.We wish to congratulate Julia and her husband Daniel Moder on this joyous occasion, and wish the little ones all the love, laughter and many wonderful presents and surprises:)

Beautiful Hazel and strong-willed Finn, are fraternal twins and although they were born on the same day, only minutes apart, they share some similar traits and almost identical birth chart. But, as they grow , they will remain unique in individuality and journey through life, and your unique personality expression will based on your lovely names.

Happry 6th Birthday Hazel:)

Hazel Patricia  Moder your true personality number is 1 – we think you are adorable and will become a leader in your own right.

One is always the symbol of leadership and therefore, no matter what your other characteristics reflect, you will continually need to give vent to this urge of personally leading or directing every facet of your life. You may not know this is so but, since this vibrancy is inherent in your name, it is the path for you to follow, and you will eventually find that this is the only way in which you can be happy. This may necessitate many changes in all aspects of your life: perhaps your business, personal relationships, location, and manner of dress or speech. Make them without concern and you are bound to be pleased.

You may be unaware of your powers of leadership and may not used them, but you would surely have then been aware of restlessness or impatience with the methods of those around you  thinking, perhaps subconsciously, that you would do things differently. This, of course, is your soul urge, and until you free it from its repressive bonds you will continue to feel the restlessness. Leading does not always mean that you must be the top executive in a firm, or even the president of a group, because there are other people to contend with who may not be willing to step down, but it always means that your thoughts and expressions will be of noteworthy value. These thoughts can be channeled properly into the areas of your interest to attain anything you wish. When you function completely on your own you are very strong-willed, courageous, and full of determined ambition. With these powers, nothing can deter you. No one can stand in your way or change your mind, and no effort is too much.

Happy Birthday Finn:)

Phinnaeus Walter Moder your true personality number is 8 (you dream of success and recognition)

Success in your particular field of endeavor is your strongest ambition. You must attain the heights of fame, power, and fortune before you feel you can be satisfied. It is your belief that only these three goals will bring you what you desire in life, which is the very best of everything. Nothing can be second best; only top quality will do, no matter what it may be.

Destiny is on your side, however, and can provide you with whatever it is you want, because is has bestowed upon you the powers of great sales ability and the persuasion needed to indoctrinate those who are necessary to you in your ambitions. You can convince anyone of your beliefs and methods and can properly merchandise any product or idea to successfully reap the rewards you desire. You rest right on the dividing line between benevolence and its destructive opposite, malevolence. Use your position and wealth to help the less fortunate and you will go on to dizzying heights of glory and success. As a philanthropist, you will find that the more you give, the more you receive, and your coffers will be refilled constantly. Your soul’s urge is to understand the more advanced planes of life and to move ahead in these areas, therefore, you should develop great spiritual power, as you progress along those lines.  With your wonderful powers of persuasion this can lead to the enlightenment of so many who are not possessed of the tenacity or understanding it takes to ferret out these truths and find serenity.

Congratulations on your 6th Birthday celebration from Babycelebs411 !


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Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima is celebrating her daughter 1st birthday…

beautiful couple:) Photo by: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Although she may  be a success on the runway, Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adriana Lima is experiencing a more satisfying and rewarding experience in the joy of motherhood. The stunning beauty together with her husband, former NBA player Marko Jaric, are celebrating their daughter Valentina 1st birthday today !

Happy 1st Birthday Valentina:)

With the family move to Spain in recent months, this little one has certainly been out of the spotlight and in anticipation for a wonderful party and surprises, we wish her all the love and happiness the world has to offer, lots of presents, beauty and health.

lovely family:)

Your  first year is full with milestones, from rolling over, your first words and maybe even first steps and now another one occurs as your first birthday. Although you may not understand what the fuss is all about, this is the time when you get to hear the world-famous birthday song or even get a taste of your first birthday cake making memories all the way.
Happy Birthday baby Valentina and now, let’s see what the stars have to say about you:

November 15th indicates that you were born under the astrological sign of Scorpio.

Your personality traits:

Magnetic  –  Intelligent  – Instinctual

Although you are intense and sometimes quite stubborn, you are also quite versatile and somewhat restless. Your mind is so sharp and your talents many, that you may change your career path more than a few times in your life. Kindness, sympathy, and willigness to help anyone in trouble characterizes you, and these traits are to be envied. However, there is a tendency to care so much about others that you often will neglect yourself and get into some situations so deeply that will affect you adversely. You are quite willing to carry the problems of the world on your shoulders without complaining about the weight.

Love is a strong influence in your pattern of things, and you give as freely as you would like to receive. Knowledge and education are also of great interest to you, as well as the promulgation of equality and justice, as is the case with all humanitarians.

family posing together in Spain:)

Based on your name: Valentina Lima Jaric, your secret name expression number is 1 and reveals your true thoughts and ambitions of which often we are unaware of. One is always the symbol of leadership and therefore, no matter what your other charateristics reflect, you will continually need to give vent to this urge of personally leading or directing every facet of your life. You may not know this is so, since this vibraancy is inherent in your name, it is the path for you to follow, and you will eventually find that this is the only way which you can be happy.

When you function completely on your own you are very strong-willed, courageous, and full of determined ambitious. With these powers, nothing can deter you. No one can stand in your way or change your mind, and no effort is too much.

Here are some fun facts for your birthday:

Your date of conception was on or about 22 February 2009 which was a Sunday.

Your fortune cookie reads: Be prepared to accept a wondrous opportunity in the days ahead!

Your age is the equivalent of a dog that is 0.142465753424658 years old. (You’re just a pup!)

Your lucky day is Tuesday.
Your lucky number is 9 & 11.
Your ruling planet(s) is Mars & Pluto.
Your lucky dates are 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th.
Your opposition sign is Taurus.
Your opposition number(s) is 6.

Your birth flower is CHRYSANTHEMUM

Your birthstone is Citrine:




The mystical properties of Citrine: Citrine is said to help one connect with Spirit.

Some lists consider these stones to be your birthstone: Yellow Topaz, Pearl, Diamond

Your birth tree is: Chestnut Tree, the Honesty – Of unusual beauty, does not want to impress, well-developed sense of justice, vivacious, interested, a born diplomat, but irritable and sensitive in company, often due to a lack of self-confidence, acts sometimes superior, feels not understood, loves only once, has difficulties in finding a partner.

Happy Birthday Valentina and now, with the babyhood behind you, enjoy your toddler years as each day will bring new experiences.


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Happy 10th Birthday Willow Smith, daughter of Jada-Pinkett Smith and husband Will Smith

Happy 10th Birthday:) Photo by:

Willow Smith who is about to take the hip-hop realm with her debut single “Whip My Hair” is celebrating her first double-digit birthday today and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her.

Happy Family:) Photo by: Photo Agency

No stranger to entertainment, the littlest Smith has made a splash with her eye catching outfits and pink-colored mohawks and we get the feeling that this hip grade-schooler is about to eclipse even dad Will Smith and mom Jada-Pinkett Smith…

So, with red carpet celebrations in mind, we wish you a Happy 10th Birthday, love and lots of success.

Let’s see what your name have to say about you: Willow Camille Reign Smith.

What your first name means:

Slender – Graceful. From the willow tree noted for slender and graceful branches. Read more of this post

Happy Birthday Riley Edward, son of Holly Combs and husband David Donoho

Happy 4th Birthday Riley 🙂

Who is this adorable little boy comfortable sitting in his mother’s arms ? He’s name is  Riley Edward, son of actress Holly Combs and husband David Donoho….and today he is celebrating his 4th birthday!

"Charmed" Holly Combs Photo by: Frederick M Brown

Who doesn’t remember Holly from her role as Piper Halliwell in the hit TV Series “Charmed” where she played one of the most powerful witches out of all 3 sisters with  her supernatural abilities to freeze time.

We all do, I am sure of it..and secretly wished that we were capable of such powers…

Happy 10th Birthday Iris Law, daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost

Jude Law..Photo by: Francois Durand/Getty Images

going to the playground:) Photo by: Bauer Griffin

English actor Jude Law likes to play daddy and we always see him on the playground, sleigh riding or even Halloween shopping with his children. 

This adorable little girl is his daughter Iris Law….

Today Iris is celebrating her first double-digit birthday and babycelebs411 wishes to acknowledge your big day with love, happiness and lots of wonderful celebrations.

How adorable and special you are and your parents must be so proud of you:)

sleighing at Parliament Hill in Hampstead ! How adorable:) Photo by: Bauer Griffin

Read more of this post

Happy Birthday Grace Burns, daughter of Christy Turlington and husband Ed Burns

Ed Burns and wife Christy Turlington Photo by:Joe Kohen/Getty Images

Mother and daughter share a smooch:) Photo by: Hector Vallenilla/Pacific Coast News

This adorable little girl is Grace Burns, daughter of model Christy Turlington and husband (actor/writer/director)  Ed Burns.

Today Grace is celebrating her 7th birthday and babycelebs411 wishes her peace, love and happiness, wonderful presents and a happy celebration.

We love and admire Christy Turlington for the message of solidarity and maternal health issues she brings in her latest documentary “No Women No Cry” which rightly earned her a nomination for the Do Something with Style award from VH1.

Awareness is key, and in our case we are  providing healthier and safer garments for your newborns and young babies by creating  GooRoo Baby Organics collection while keeping our Planet greener for future generations.

Ed Burns and daugther Grace on Greenwich Village:)

Our view on Grace today is based on total name expression which indicates the direction you should find your success and happiness.

There are 10 letters in your name. Those 10 letters total to 45
There are 3 vowels and 7 consonants in your name.

Your number is: 9

Humanitarian – selflessness – creative expression.

You can achieve whatever is in your heart because all the powers to command are at your disposal and Goodwill toward others is extremely important to you. Set your goals and never swerve from it, no matter what the obstacles might be. See as much of the world as possible, making a point of delving into the soul of everyone you meet, wherever you go. This is necessary to build your understanding of the universe that is yours, according to the expressed destiny of your name.

Love, sympathy, and tolerance highlight your character and your talents center in humanistic interests and approaches. You operate best when you follow your feelings and sense of compassion, and allow yourself to be sensitive to the needs of others. If you are able to achieve the potential of your natural expression in this life, you are capable of much human understanding and have a lot to give to others.

Fame is far more important to you than material possessions, which really aren’t too tempting at all. You would rather be well-known for some accomplishments than for your wealth. Words and media with which to express them are you avenue to this fame. Being in the public eye is food for you soul, and you are at your best before an audience. Luckily, your destiny provides your with the wherewithal to attain and maintain center stage.

Accept it, do your best, and enjoy it….Happy 7th Birthday !!


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Happy Birthday to Deacon Reese, son of Reese Whiterspoon and Ryan Phillippe

Happy 7th Birthday Deacon:) Photo by:Alex Wong/Getty Images

Deacon Reese was born in October 23, 1993, which will make him now, 7 years old. Well now, who doesn’t love Reese Whiterspoon, the Legally Blonde star? I believe we all do! 🙂 By the way BabyCelebs411 wishes Reese, congrats on her engagement. All the best!

Now back to little Deacon. You are turning 7, what an impressive must be a first grader. How proud you must be!

BabyCelebs411 wishes you all the best in the world, health, happiness and love.

Let’s see a little bit what the numbers are saying for the date of 23rd.

You are a persuasive, interesting, and clever person. There is a mischievous playfulness about you, and you like to poke fun at more serious or pompous individuals. You have much magnetic appeal. You are fiercely protective of those you love, as well as passionate and highly perceptive. You are one of the most observant people around, and your understanding of human nature makes you wiser than years in age. You don’t miss much that’s going around you! Your wit is sharp, yet you are sensitive to the feelings of people you hold dear.

Ryan Phillippe enjoys a day with son Deacon and daughter Ava

This is a year of enhanced imagination and intuition for you–a fabulous period in your life to discover or rediscover your artistic and creative talents. Realistic optimism is your avenue to success. while impatience is a potential downfall. Being in sync with your intuition and sensitivity helps you to further your career and wins you respect from others. Intellectual advancements are likely. ( You must do really good in school):)

Mother and son out shopping:) Photo by:Photo Agency seems that fun is in the air for you, presents and loved ones around you… Enjoy your big day !:)


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Happy Birthday Mathilda Ereni, daughter of Molly Ringwald and Panio Gianopoulos

Great Family!:) Photo by Jeff Vespa/Getty Images

Molly and Mathilda Photo by: Gabriela Maj/Getty Images

How special Mathilda is for her parents on her 7th Birthday? I am sure she will be celebrated with love and joy as every little girl should be. Well, I have to say that this day is very important to me in particular as my son, Nicholas was born on October 22, 1994. Yes, he is turning 16 and I couldn’t be any more proud than I am .

So, Molly and Panio, I wish your daughter Mathilda ,the best of everything from the bottom of my heart.

Now let’s look at what being born on the 22nd day of the month means?

Well, you are the Supreme Builder, the Architect of the Universe. Nothing around you can be mismatched, unplanned or superficially done. You must plan everything you do and then carry out the plans personally, adhering to every detail. You are also blessed with power, strength  and tenacity, which are great qualities for the future business person you will become. No one could doubt your efficacy and efforts as you have complete faith in what you do.

Your Personality Profile:

Although you are personally magnetic, you have a manner that is slightly intimidating to others, making you a little hard to get close to. You give off the subtle impression that perhaps you don’t really need new people in your life. You do, although you tend to be somewhat selective when it comes to your social life, simply because your work is extremely important to you and you value your time. There is a no-nonsense directness about you that inspires trust in others. You give the impression of solidity, strength of character, dependability and honesty. Although you are an idealist and visionary, you still manage to keep your feet on the ground. You don’t seem capable of doing things halfway, and that includes your relationships. You are quite focused on achieving in life.You are highly intelligent, productive, and filled with fresh, yet practical ideas.

dependable – idealistic – observant

Born Today

Deepak Chopra, born October 22, 1946 Author, healer, inspirational leader.

You are very special and again: Happy Birthday from BabyCelebs411! 🙂


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