Will Ferrell is celebrating his son’s, Mattias, 4th birthday…

Funny man Will Ferrell and wife Viveca Paulin🙂

We all grew to love funny man and comic actor Will Ferrel throughout the array of popular characters he played during his appearances on the NBC’s hit show „Saturday Night Live” and who can forget the role of an earnest male cheerleader or his so funny impersonation of President George W. Bush  among others. With his outrageous, larger-than-life attitude he emerged as a comic force in many features like „Old School”,” Elf” and „Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”, but  my old-time favorite still remains his role in „Night at the Roxbury” with the catching  dance moves that I must admit of trying once in a while:) I believe during the filming of „Night at the Roxbury” is where he met his swedish wife, actress Viveca Paulin and today there is a celebration in the family as their second born son, Mattias is turning 4 years old.

Happy family attending K-Swiss tennis event:) Photo: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

With many wonderful wishes to convey to this little one and amazing party celebration, Babycelebs411 would like to acknowledge your birthday with love, happiness and many, many presents, balloons and the occasional fireworks:)

With this in mind and true to our blog, let’s see all the wonderful things we have in stars for you today. Your first name is a Swedish form of Mathew meaning  „gift from God” and  and inner dream number expression as 9.

Based on this, you dream of being creative, intellectual, and universal; the selfless humanitarian. For you little Mattias, justice and truth are the foundation upon which you not only build your own life but what you expect of your family and friends as well. You won’t brook any deviation of this rule – white lies are just plain lies to you, and you see no need for tolerating such evasiveness. You can accept almost any weakness in your friends if they can be honest with you. But you will try to help those possessing negative qualities because you feel life is wasted if it is not used constructively. Honesty is the keynote in all you do or think and you will express this wonderful trait throughout your life, and it is the basis of all your ambition. Before you do or say anything at all, it must ring true with your conscience so that you can forge ahead with great inspiration. Intuitively, you do just the right thing because you cannot stand imperfection.

You are intelligent, sincere, vibrant, and creative – necessary ingredients for a rich, full, and satisfying existence.You will enjoy people who have something to give rather then insignificant individuals who never have an interesting thought and cannot carry on an enlightening conversation. Nine is the number of universality and 9s are often possessed of some great message for the world that can help us all. If possible, you will travel the world and absorb all the culture that abounds in every one of the four corners of our world.

Indeed, dear Mattias you have a great future ahead of you and likely to become a very peaceful and poised individual.

Happy 4th birthday and if all possible, search and follow your dreams and you will be surrounded with love and hapiness at all times.


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