The dancing Twins:) Hey Ya!:)

we are thinking to contact this adorable pair to have them walk the runway in October, for New Jersey Fashion Week! They amused us very much and their personality make them great candidates for a fashion show:)

They will be amongst celebrity children of cast members from : Jerseylicious on Style Network, The Real Housewives of New Jersey on Bravo, Jersey Couture on Oxygen and so on.

Love them!


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Stella McCartney welcomes baby girl….


London’s fashion designer and one of my favorite for many reasons, Stella McCartney has her own miracle to rejoice in this Holiday Season as she welcomes baby girl Reiley into the world. The cute little bundle of joy is the designer’s fourth child with her husband Alasdhair Willis and joins big brother Miller 5, sister Bailey 3 and little man Becket 2.

Baby girl Reiley made her entrance on November 23 in a London hospital weighting in at a solid 8 lbs. We couldn’t be happier for the family  and we bet granpa Paul McCartney is all pride and joy:)

Let’s see what the stars say about this little one:

The numerological value of your birth date reveals the path of your destiny and suggests the line of personal development necessary to help you attain all you wish from life. Yours is number 1, and as in everything this number denotes the first. You have a strong sense of individuality and are here to bring positive creative energy into the world – which we are not a bit surprise:)

The creative energy can be channeled into classical arts – music, acting, dance, writing, and to her fine arts or crafts. In order to manifest your creativity most fully, you must develop a sense of confidence, which enables you to take risks and dare to take ” the road less traveled”.

You are a leader, independent, fiery and will have great organizational abilities. With a strong mind, usually need to be the “best” at something and you will want to be noticed, adored and loved. In younger years, you might enjoy hanging out with adults rather than kids your own age, as you are more mature than most of their peers. As a number 1 consider yourself lucky; you’ll have a lot of enthusiasm for life and won’t take “no” for an answer.You surely won’t settle for being number 2! In your heart, you know you are special and recognize that you deserve great things.

Your destiny will be one of great power and success, so darling little baby Reiley welcome to this world, enjoy each and every new experience and go after your dreams!

we admire your efforts towards sustainability:)

We Congratulate the parents on this occasion and as much as we love Stella McCartney’s fashion sense, we mostly admire her strong believes and efforts she puts forth towards sustainability, eco-friendly and organic. We feel just as passionate on the subject as we are promoting eco-friendly, organic baby garments with the creation of our GooRoo Baby collection for a safer and healthier upbringing while protecting our Planet in the process.

We’d love to see this next little fashionista in one of our sooper dooper cute outfits:)


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