Russell Crowe’s son, Charles Spencer is turning 7 years old:)

Actor Russell Crowe with wife Danielle Spencer and theri two children, Charles and Tennyson

Happy 7th Birtday Charles:) Photo by: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Down Under actor Russell Crowe and wife Danielle Spencer are celebrating their first born son, Charles Spencer Crowe, 7th birthday today and on this special occasion we are wishing this school-grader all the wonderful presents, love and a celebration fit to your dreams and wishes.

We can only imagine what these Aussie parents have planned for your birthday and whatever it is enjoy it to the fullest and with much appreciation.

Enjoying a normal and “grounded” life with their two children, the Crowe family prefers a much quieter surrounding on their ranch in New South Wales and usually shun away from glitzy showbiz scene or red carpet appearances.

Lovely couple:)

Throughout the years, the Academy Award winning actor has most definitely spoiled us with amazing performances  from his role in LA Confidential, Beautiful Mind and his latest Robin Hood just to name a few, and by far the role of Maxiums Decimus Meridius he played in the movie Gladiator remains on the top of my list for sure:) Russell may be better known of the couple, but his wife Danielle has been involved in the acting and singing industry since childhood and, after taking a break for a few years to raise her sons, now that she is restarting her career and promoting her new album ”Calling all Magicians”, Babyceleb411 wishes her lot of success.

I can go on and on about the achievements of either one of these celeb parents, but true to our blog, today we are celebrating Charles’s birthday with a numerology reading based on your name.

You name expression number is 9 and it reflects your thoughts and ambitions sometimes you might not be even aware of. For you little Charles, the finer things in life will become your greatest joy. What you do not create yourself, you can enjoy in others. Your vision of the world and all that life holds is one of immerse beauty – almost saintly in its concept. You continually dream great dreams of this loveliness and happiness, and wish that you could wave a wand and bestow upon every living soul these same visions.

You desire only beauty and perfection, and any deviation from your dream is incomprehensible. If it were in your power to do so, you would help each individual to attain some great measure of success and artistic fulfillment in order to reverse the ugliness and misery that you cannot abide. Your greatest joy comes from doing good works that will profit mankind. Material rewards or possessions are not all that important, and you would be much happier with spiritual rewards. Knowledge of metaphysics or psychic phenomena is to you what jewels would be to others.

Enjoying family time together:)

Esthetic thoughts and ideas give you wonderful inspirations, which you generally manifest in an artistic way. Always congenial and sociable, there are times when you can be dazzling, if the company is right. You have a level head on your shoulders and can usually think things out clearly.

Superficiality is a negative in your profile and you may tend to scatter your forces and simply be too easygoing.

Well Charles, on your 7th birthday celebration, you discover greater things and it is your role in life to inspire and motivate; to raise the spirits of those around you. Happy Birthday !!!


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