Katherine Heigl’s daughter Naleigh is turning 2 years old….

Lovely family:)

Happy 2nd Birthday Naleigh:)

The wonder and magic of this little “fairy” is about to come true with a Big celebration today as Naleigh, daughter of our favorite actress Katherine Heigl and husband, musician Josh Kelly is turning yet another milestone in her life.

On her 2nd Birthday, as you’re about to enter a new world and explore and make sense of everything in it, we wish you love, joy and all the magic to blossom into reality.

We laughed and truly enjoyed Katherine’s roles in the romantic comedies Knocked Up, 27 Dresses and even The Ugly Truth but her first role as Izzie Stevens, the resident beauty on the ABC hit Grey’s Anatomy deservedly won her an Emmy Award for Supporting actress. One of my personal favorite was her role in the movie Killers, co-staring Ashton Kutcher..quite entertaining I must say:)

Katherine and husband Josh Kelley:) Photo by: Pacific Coast News

Before we see what the stars have to say about Naleigh, we wish to extend our best wishes to Katherine Heigl on her up coming November 24th  birthday, lots of happiness and great success.

Now Naleigh, you were born on November 23rd, 2008 under the astrological sign of Sagittarius with a lovely personality and always an optimist. Let’s see what the stars say about you:

Your Personality Profile: Direct – Friendly – Idealistic

You are interested in knowing the truth, and you spend much of your life, especially your later years, searching for it. A humanitarian, you have an unmistakably idealistic nature. Freedom of thought (and of movement!) are important to you and your multiple interests will stimulate you to branch out into many directions. You will need to be careful not to scatter your energies. Impulsiveness is both a liability and strength, as courage is behind it, but when you set your sights on new horizons, you might be leaving behind something worthwhile!

Often our given names expresses certain thoughts, ambitions and desires of which sometimes we are not aware of and in your case, your secret number is: 6

Of all the number vibrancies, yours would probably have to be awarded the honor of expressing the most humanitarian instincts. You will leave for the pleasure for doing for others and will do everything in your power to bring happiness to as many people as you can reach. You can sympathize with the lowliest of human beings and tolerate the worst situations because you believe that there is good in everyone. Love is the keynote of your life and you can love many people, expressing the best in you and bringing out their best.

However, this tendency to help everyone and understand even that which is sometimes beyond understanding, often will put you in a very depressed mood. You should try not to get too deeply and often you will feel the problems of the world are waiting for you alone to solve and, if it were at all in your power to do so, you would certainly try.

Beauty and harmonious environs are as necessary to you as the air you breathe. You have artistic leanings and would like to make a name for yourself in some artistic field. Wherever you will leave, it is bound to be beautiful, peaceful, and charming, as an extension of your need to live as such; but it entrances all those who are privileged to share it with you, making your home a joyous place to be for one and all. The unjust and tawdry have no place in your life. Not only can you not make a place for them, even in the smallest way, but you refuse to accept that anything can be of this nature. If you cannot make all things lovely, you have to reject them completely rather than let their shabbiness dim the luster of your philosophy.

The very young and the very old will generally be the delighted recipients of your warm affection, as you express your love most easily with them. The sympathy you feel for old and infirm unfortunates manifests itself in unselfish devotion.

the stars smile upon you:)

Little Naleigh, popularity and adoration are yours without effort as you are so very special, you will always be infectiously enthusiastic, active and bright.

May your 2nd Birthday bring forth all the love and joy you deserve and the scene you grace to be charged with warmth and gaiety, wherever it may be.

Happy Birthday from BabyCelebs411!


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Claudia Schiffer daughter, Clementine is celebrating her 6th birthday !

Happy Birthday Clementine:)

home from school:) Photo by: Bauer Griffin

Her mother may be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but this little angel is certainly not far behind.

With her adorable outfits and Goldie locks, Clementine de Vere is celebrating her 6th birthday today and what an impressive age 🙂

With balloons, noise makers and party hats in mind, Babycelebs411 wishes you all the best in the world, lots of presents and wonderful goodies.

Your parents, mom Claudia Schiffer and dad Matthew Vaughn, must have some great surprises prepared  for your BIG day, no doubt, so enjoy and make a wish..it may come true.

Your date of birth November 11, 2004 that you were born on a Thursday under the astrological sign of Scorpio. From this day on you are governed by the destiny bestowed upon you. Your destiny number is:1

As in everything number 1 denotes the first. Your strong sense of individuality and positive nature assure you of leadership in all you endeavors. You can never be relegated to a position of subservience. Determination is the strength of you ambition, and it manifests itself in an authoritative manner that shows your skill and experience. Your originality, creativeness, and aggressiveness breathe life into your ideas and build them into productive form.

You are at your best when you start any project from its conception and learn by your mistakes. Stand on your own feet no matter how difficult a situation may be. Always make your own decisions and stand by them in spite of advisers who are not in agreement. Developin new concepts and methods comes easily to you, and you must capitalize on this talent. Extend youself in all fields of interest because success is yours, no matter what area you delve into.

happy family:)

Unless it is sensible or practical to do so, you will never walk the commom paths, but search out new, more exciting ones, which will generally prove fruitful. There is no need to repeat yourself. You can take the leas in anything and, therefore, new ideas are necessary. Accept all responsibility without concern because you have the power to overcome all obstacles and turn them into assets.

As you see Clementine, your destiny will be on of great power and success, accept it in good faith, understanding, and generosity. Happy 6th Birthday from  Babycelebs411 and we wish all the wonderful surprises and lots, lots of presents:)


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Tobey Maquire’s daughter Ruby Sweetheart is turning 5 years old…

how cute:)

Happy Birthday Ruby:)

Dad Tobey Maguire may have played Spider-Man on-screen, but this little Blondie got him all tangled up in her web.

None other than Ruby Sweetheart, like your first name suggests, you are a precious jewel indeed and today this little Spider-girl is celebrating her 4th birthday.

Full of energy and so lovable, on this occasion we wish you lots of love, joy and many, many wonderful presents and goodies.

We are spotting some really cute outfits on this little one, and it’s no wonder with your mother’s, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer , creativity gene you are on the way to become the next fashionista.

Family outing:) Photo by:Photo Agency

 Your personality profile:

Always charming and affable, not to mention intelligent, your vibrant personality comes quite naturally to the fore without any effort on your part. Being born on the 10th you are ten times the power of 1 and what a dynamo you are:)

You posses the intelligence, strength, creativity , and power to cope with anything that may come your way.

Achievement and success will be of extremely importance to you . You are a worldly, goal-oriented person with lots of energy at your disposal and possess leadership ability, especially adept at coming up with new ideas. Independent and strong-minded, you have strong convictions and enjoy friendly competition.You radiate warmth, enthusiasm, and good cheer, and others are instinctively drawn to you. You enjoy people immensely and are frequently the life of the party or the center of attention in social situations. Let’s just say that you light up a room when you enter it !

You feel self-expression is most important in your life and would not hesitate to express your every desire, mood, or approval of anything. When you are happy the whole world knows it and is benefitted by your mood. Words and the tone in which they are spoken are, in your opinion, the measure of the person. You would be very cautious in choosing just the right thing to say on every occasion.

With all your charm and gorgeous looks, wear it well and use the power for the good of all humanity. Happy Birthday Ruby Sweetheart may your day blossom in all your wishes coming true:)


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Happy Birthday Dennis Quaid’s twins…

Lovely Couple. Photo by: David Livingston /Getty ImagesOut shopping with family/ Photo by: Photo Agency

Happy family:) Photo by: Photo Agency

Good things come in twos in Hollywood, and celeb parents Dennis Quaid and wife Kimberly are in for some double fun today as they are celebrating their twins Third Birthday!

What a milestone to partake in and I am sure your mom and dad have prepared some special surprises that are unique and meaningful for each one of you.

You have been blessed with two wonderful parents whom we admire for their believes and continuous efforts they put forth, raising awareness and making a difference in the way medical patient care and safe practices are implemented. Although these little ones had a hard time recovering from a medical overdose as newborns, we are happy to see you both strong, healthy and super cute !

On this note, Happy 3rd Birthday Zoe Grace and Thomas Boone, you are very special and I am sure your parents are very proud and grateful to have you in their lives.

Being born on the same date, only minutes apart, as twins you share almost the same birth chart and physical features, but as unique individuals, as you grown, you will develop your own personalities and learn the way of life through your own unique perspectives and opinions. As we know names are of high importance and in this case your unique expression number will be based on your lovely names.



Happy Birthday Zoe Grace:) Photo by: Pacific Coast News

Zoe Grace Quaid – your true personality number is 3
(she is so adorable that we believe her positive attitude will bring the world at her feet)


You have no fear of what the future may bring, for you believe that only what is good and right will come to you. Therefore, any unhappiness that befalls it can be endured with the understanding that it will pass and be replaced by better events. Positive thinking is your motto and you live it to the hilt. Your belief in the future and all things right makes you understand that whatever may happen, your true destiny was foreordained and nothing can change this.

Your drive for perfection includes your manner of dress and all your environs. You are not demanding in an offensive way and would more than likely be very charming when asking for something to be done the way you like it rather than to be cold and officious.

You feel self-expression is most important in your life and would not hesitate to express your everyday desire, mood, or approval of anything. When you are happy, the whole world knows it. This will be the case today on your Birthday:) You believe words and tone signify a level of culture; the literary arts and those associated with the arts are a source of great pleasure for you. Because of the self-expression inherent in you, a vibrant personality comes quite naturally to the fore without any effort on your part. People are regenerated when in your company and prefer you to any other guest.

Always charming and affable, not to mention intelligent, a party usually revolves around you . Your positive vibration brings you the happiness and contentment you desire and should be paramount at all times.

Happy Birthday Thomas Boone:) photo by:Pacific Coast News

Thomas Boone Quaid – your true personality number is 6

( he is such a humanitarian that we believe Thomas will make a difference in people’s lives)

Peace and contentment are your greatest desires, and you easily find them because you live a peaceful life. You don’t care for the busy, humdrum activity of exciting places and much prefer a quiet spot somewhere where you can meditate and warm yourself with all the good things you have been given. You know that your desires will be fulfilled if you just concentrate hard enough on what it is you want and believe that if it is good you will have it.  You give of yourself constantly, knowing that what you do for others, they will do for you. Good will is priceless, and costs you nothing to give, and you spread it wherever you can. It is the one thing you possess that continually perpetuates itself; therefore, it never diminishes in supply. At times, when things go wrong, you draw upon a great source of your faith, knowing that all will be well soon.

A comfortable and charming environment is preferable, rather than one that is luxurious and elegant. Your home would be bathed in joy, contentment and charm, one that anyone could step into and relax. You put everyone at ease, and a good time for all is on the menu.

Congratulations Zoe and Thomas on your special day from BabyCelebs411 !  We wish your day to be filled with joy, love and not to mention lots of birthday fun and presents:)


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Happy Birthday Harry Letterman,son of David Letterman and wife Regina Lasko

Happy Birthday Harry:) Photo by: Bauer Griffin

Proud Dad David Letterman:)

Harry Joseph Letterman, son of Late Night talk show host David Letterman and wife Regina Lasko, is growing up and today is a day full of party celebrations, presents and I am sure, plenty of surprises as he is turning 7 years old.

Happy Birthday Harry and to all the children of the world we wish you beauty, joy, love and many happy moments.

With such a strong first name – Harry meaning „mighty in war, house protector”- our view is based on your name expression. Read more of this post

Happy Birthday Matilda Rose, daughter of actress Michelle Williams and late actor Heath Ledger

Happy 5th Bday Matilda:) Photo by: Photo Agency

This high-spirited little girl, with such sweet and joyous energy is Matilda Rose Ledger, daughter of actress Michelle Williams and late actor Heath Ledger.

mother and daughter...Photo by: Photo Agency

Well:) Matilda Rose is turning 5 years old today and to celebrate her birthday we wish her peace, love, happiness and lots, lots of presents.

Happy Birthday Odette Ruffalo, daughter of Mark Ruffalo and wife Sunrise Coigney

daugther Odette and father Mark Ruffalo..

Happy Birthday little Odette !! 

As you get to celebrate your big day today we are happy to acknowledge your 3rd birthday and wish you love, happiness, lots of toys and a yummy birthday cake, of course….

Photo by:Brian Bedder/Getty Images North America

Although it’s been a while since we’ve seen you around, we are certain that your celeb parents (actor Mark Ruffalo and lovely wife Sunrise Coigney) have prepared a Sooper Dooper cute party and lots of surprises for their little angel 3rd birthday celebration.

The day on which you were born carries with it certain traits and qualities that were bestowed upon you as well.

Your day is on the 20th and you are known to be the most sympathetic and understanding of humans; so everyone pours their troubles out to you automatically, seeking help and comfort, which they always get. You are warm, loving, gentle, understanding, and magnanimous, all traits which are said to be divine: and surely your powers are divine for your devotion and loyalty are seldom found in the world today.

Here are some cute little facts relating to your date of birth: October 20, 2007

Your date of conception was on or about 27 January 2007 which was a Saturday.

You were born on a Saturday, under the astrological sign Libra.
Your Life path number is 3.

Your birthday falls into the Chinese year beginning 2/18/2007 and ending 2/6/2008.
You were born in the Chinese year of the Pig.

As of 10/20/2010
You are 3 years old.
You are 36 months old.
You are 157 weeks old.
You are 1,096 days old.
You are 26,316 hours old.
You are 1,578,982 minutes old.
You are 94,738,951 seconds old.

Your age is the equivalent of a dog that is 0.428962818003914 years old…..ohh, you are just a pup!

There are 365 days till your next birthday on which your cake will have 4 candles.
Those 4 candles produce 4 BTUs, or 1,008 calories of heat (that’s only 1.0080 food Calories!) .
You can boil 0.46 US ounces of water with that many candles.  

Your birth flower is MARIGOLD

Your birthstone is Tourmaline

Your birth tree is Maple – meaning Independence of Mind – you are full imagination and originality, a little shy and reserved, and yet you are ambitious, proud, lots of self-respect, with a great memory and always ready to impress.

You are a special little girl….so take a deep breath, blow out the candles on your cake and make your magical birthday wish…it might come true:)


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Hello to all our readers!

We put together the BabyCelebs411 blog to celebrate the birthdays of each celebrity child, to acknowledge them and wish them the best of everything. In our unique approach we will put together a general numerology/astrology report based on their names or date of birth.

On this blog we wish to celebrate all children symbolically or through relating to one of the celebs babies/kids. Maybe your baby has the same date of birth, or month or name, but regardless, we are wishing ” Happy Birthday” to all children of the world!  They represent THE Future!  Let’s guide them, educate them, love them and instill true values through authentic meanings and examples for them. Overall, the more humble and connected we are, the greater their chances to succeed and fulfill their true potential.

We love kids and we are trying to make a change one step at the time. We are promoting eco friendly apparel, organic cotton, water based prints for a safer, gentler upbringing. Let’s not forget our incredible Planet as it’s our responsibility as adults, to make sure our children will inherit a wonderful universe to explore.


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**Please understand that we are not professional astrologers or numerologists. We are gathering relevant information for your child as an inspirational gift for their birthday and as a quick, fun reference guide for the parents.**