Happy Birthday Benjamin, son of Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

Happy First Birthday Benjamin!:)

Gisele Bundchen, a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel, is now  happily married to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and they have an adorable 1 year old son, Benjamin Rein Brady, that already put his stamp on the modeling industry by being on the cover of Vogue Magazine🙂 How lovely!

Today is the big day, as Benjamin was born on December 8th 2009, so naturally he is turning 1. I only can imagine the celebration of this little one considering that only the mother is worth allegedly 150 million!:) Many gifts and happiness, but most of it, lots of love. Reading about Gisele and seeing how involved she is with her son, being a supporter of breast feeding and always studying to find out natural ways to bring up her one and only son. We admire this at Baby Celebs411 as we are big supporters of the environment, of natural remedies and organic clothing.

Mom and Dad of Benjamin... beautiful couple!

Now let’s see about little Benjamin. By our tradition we are making little numerology/astrology charts for celebrities babies on their birthday.

Considering that he is born on 12-08-2009, Benjamin is Destiny Number 5.

If you have the number 5 path your life lesson is to expand your life. If you have this number it seems that the fairy godmother  had tapped on your forehead with a magic wand and said: ” You are a free spirit, here to live life to the fullest”. This path is not about getting advice from others or doing things their way. This path is about exploring and  new adventures. Without number 5s, we wouldn’t have the automobiles, or space exploration. They are the risk takers and the innovators. As a number 5 you have a very important message to communicate, that thinking “outside of the box” is OK. This is what number 5 does naturally, to expand the horizons of others as well as allowing them the opportunity to to view life without restrictions and limitations. Your goal is to be free to chose to live each moment as new. Travels will be mandatory for you and stability it gives you the base to stay put.

Hot mama! Merry Christmas Everyone!:)

Our one year old adventurer!:)Blessings...

Dear Gisele, you are extremely lucky to bring into this dimension such a child that we all might benefit from his discoveries, innovations and finds.

Happy Birthday Benjamin! Many blessings to you and family and of course we wish  you good health, peace and love to surround you.


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Julia Roberts is celebrating her twins, Hazel and Finn, 6th birthday…

Julia Roberts and husband Daniel Moder:)

Julia Roberts attending Glamour Magazine Women of the year:)

Julia Roberts is indeed one of Hollywood‘s sweethearts and stole our hearts and captured audiences with her catching laughter when she played Vivian along with co-star Richard Gere in the romantic comedy “Pretty Women“. Ever since then, her name and talent were evident and indeed she has become one of Hollywood’s brightest stars with hit movies like ” Notting Hill”, “Erin Brockovich” and the latest adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert‘s best selling memoir “Eat, Pray, Love” when we ran to the theaters to see her play the role of Liz’ on her journey to finding independence and desire for love.

Well:) who doesn’t love Julia Roberts and we can’t believe we get to write about her two little angels, Hazel and Finn, as they are celebrating their 6th birthday today and what a wonderful age to acknowledge.We wish to congratulate Julia and her husband Daniel Moder on this joyous occasion, and wish the little ones all the love, laughter and many wonderful presents and surprises:)

Beautiful Hazel and strong-willed Finn, are fraternal twins and although they were born on the same day, only minutes apart, they share some similar traits and almost identical birth chart. But, as they grow , they will remain unique in individuality and journey through life, and your unique personality expression will based on your lovely names.

Happry 6th Birthday Hazel:)

Hazel Patricia  Moder your true personality number is 1 – we think you are adorable and will become a leader in your own right.

One is always the symbol of leadership and therefore, no matter what your other characteristics reflect, you will continually need to give vent to this urge of personally leading or directing every facet of your life. You may not know this is so but, since this vibrancy is inherent in your name, it is the path for you to follow, and you will eventually find that this is the only way in which you can be happy. This may necessitate many changes in all aspects of your life: perhaps your business, personal relationships, location, and manner of dress or speech. Make them without concern and you are bound to be pleased.

You may be unaware of your powers of leadership and may not used them, but you would surely have then been aware of restlessness or impatience with the methods of those around you  thinking, perhaps subconsciously, that you would do things differently. This, of course, is your soul urge, and until you free it from its repressive bonds you will continue to feel the restlessness. Leading does not always mean that you must be the top executive in a firm, or even the president of a group, because there are other people to contend with who may not be willing to step down, but it always means that your thoughts and expressions will be of noteworthy value. These thoughts can be channeled properly into the areas of your interest to attain anything you wish. When you function completely on your own you are very strong-willed, courageous, and full of determined ambition. With these powers, nothing can deter you. No one can stand in your way or change your mind, and no effort is too much.

Happy Birthday Finn:)

Phinnaeus Walter Moder your true personality number is 8 (you dream of success and recognition)

Success in your particular field of endeavor is your strongest ambition. You must attain the heights of fame, power, and fortune before you feel you can be satisfied. It is your belief that only these three goals will bring you what you desire in life, which is the very best of everything. Nothing can be second best; only top quality will do, no matter what it may be.

Destiny is on your side, however, and can provide you with whatever it is you want, because is has bestowed upon you the powers of great sales ability and the persuasion needed to indoctrinate those who are necessary to you in your ambitions. You can convince anyone of your beliefs and methods and can properly merchandise any product or idea to successfully reap the rewards you desire. You rest right on the dividing line between benevolence and its destructive opposite, malevolence. Use your position and wealth to help the less fortunate and you will go on to dizzying heights of glory and success. As a philanthropist, you will find that the more you give, the more you receive, and your coffers will be refilled constantly. Your soul’s urge is to understand the more advanced planes of life and to move ahead in these areas, therefore, you should develop great spiritual power, as you progress along those lines.  With your wonderful powers of persuasion this can lead to the enlightenment of so many who are not possessed of the tenacity or understanding it takes to ferret out these truths and find serenity.

Congratulations on your 6th Birthday celebration from Babycelebs411 !


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Usher Raymond V is turning 3 years old today…

Usher performing during the 2010 MTV VMA awards:)

joy of fatherhood:)

With his unparalleled dance moves and never one to disappoint, R&B sensation Usher entertained us with an amazing dance-infused performance at the 2010 MTV Music Awards on Sunday night with his latest, and one of my favorite song „DJ Got us Falling in Love” followed by „OMG”.

It was no surprise and rightly deserved when the artist walked away with two Awards on Sunday night and we couldn’t be happier for his achievements, but today there is a more fulfilling reason to smile about as his first-born son Usher  “Cinco” Raymond V is celebrating his 3rd birthday. Happy Birthday little one!

With the turn of yet another milestone in his life, we wish this little cutie, who is in no doubt the spitting image of his father, lots of joy, love and wonderful surprises on his special day:)

Let’s see what the stars have planned for this little Angel:


Happy 3rd Birthday Cinco:)

Your Personality Profile:

Determined – Spunky – Original

You are a seeker, yet your feet are on the ground as you will create your own destiny, and bumps and bruises along the way simply contribute to your growth, and you will know it. You are a strong, ambitious, and intelligent person, and will not be afraid  to put these attributes to very good use in either the business world or your home life. You will have the executive abilities to handle big business or charitable groups to which you might belong. Number 6 in your birth date endows you with the desire to teach and the love of home and family and number 2 brings the concentration and technical skill you need to carry out big business operations. The combination of the two steers you toward the fame and fortune that should be yours. Since the power of the fame and fortune influence requires that you share, both numbers in your date gives you the means by which to do so, and the desire – a most satisfying combination and a rewarding one at that.

Concentration on your ideals and aspirations, positive thinking, and self-analysis will keep you on the right track to the serenity and high position in life that is your destiny. Curb your tendency to allow others to drain you emotionally and remember, you have the highest of credits in every way, and to be your friend should be an honor. Don’t let anyone topple you off the pedestal you have earned and rightly deserve.

loving father and role model:)

Wonderful things have been planned for you and we are not a bit surprised – accept them with good grace and live up to them.

Happy 3rd Birthday Usher Raymond V and we wish you lots of wonderful surprises and all the magic of your birthday to blossom into reality.


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Claudia Schiffer daughter, Clementine is celebrating her 6th birthday !

Happy Birthday Clementine:)

home from school:) Photo by: Bauer Griffin

Her mother may be one of the most beautiful women in the world, but this little angel is certainly not far behind.

With her adorable outfits and Goldie locks, Clementine de Vere is celebrating her 6th birthday today and what an impressive age 🙂

With balloons, noise makers and party hats in mind, Babycelebs411 wishes you all the best in the world, lots of presents and wonderful goodies.

Your parents, mom Claudia Schiffer and dad Matthew Vaughn, must have some great surprises prepared  for your BIG day, no doubt, so enjoy and make a wish..it may come true.

Your date of birth November 11, 2004 that you were born on a Thursday under the astrological sign of Scorpio. From this day on you are governed by the destiny bestowed upon you. Your destiny number is:1

As in everything number 1 denotes the first. Your strong sense of individuality and positive nature assure you of leadership in all you endeavors. You can never be relegated to a position of subservience. Determination is the strength of you ambition, and it manifests itself in an authoritative manner that shows your skill and experience. Your originality, creativeness, and aggressiveness breathe life into your ideas and build them into productive form.

You are at your best when you start any project from its conception and learn by your mistakes. Stand on your own feet no matter how difficult a situation may be. Always make your own decisions and stand by them in spite of advisers who are not in agreement. Developin new concepts and methods comes easily to you, and you must capitalize on this talent. Extend youself in all fields of interest because success is yours, no matter what area you delve into.

happy family:)

Unless it is sensible or practical to do so, you will never walk the commom paths, but search out new, more exciting ones, which will generally prove fruitful. There is no need to repeat yourself. You can take the leas in anything and, therefore, new ideas are necessary. Accept all responsibility without concern because you have the power to overcome all obstacles and turn them into assets.

As you see Clementine, your destiny will be on of great power and success, accept it in good faith, understanding, and generosity. Happy 6th Birthday from  Babycelebs411 and we wish all the wonderful surprises and lots, lots of presents:)


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Hello to all our readers!

We put together the BabyCelebs411 blog to celebrate the birthdays of each celebrity child, to acknowledge them and wish them the best of everything. In our unique approach we will put together a general numerology/astrology report based on their names or date of birth.

On this blog we wish to celebrate all children symbolically or through relating to one of the celebs babies/kids. Maybe your baby has the same date of birth, or month or name, but regardless, we are wishing ” Happy Birthday” to all children of the world!  They represent THE Future!  Let’s guide them, educate them, love them and instill true values through authentic meanings and examples for them. Overall, the more humble and connected we are, the greater their chances to succeed and fulfill their true potential.

We love kids and we are trying to make a change one step at the time. We are promoting eco friendly apparel, organic cotton, water based prints for a safer, gentler upbringing. Let’s not forget our incredible Planet as it’s our responsibility as adults, to make sure our children will inherit a wonderful universe to explore.


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**Please understand that we are not professional astrologers or numerologists. We are gathering relevant information for your child as an inspirational gift for their birthday and as a quick, fun reference guide for the parents.**