Show Off

We know, we seem like some spoiled brats, but we really have the need to share with you our day-to-day accomplishments.

I will start by thanking all of you for reading our blogs as we are amazed of the incoming traffic. Considering the topic of our content, we were expecting some negative comments from unaware people, but we were lucky so far.

Please remember that we don’t want to impose our opinions or insights to anyone. But there is that: “What if?” factor that should be taken into consideration at one’s discretion.

Well, let me brag some more, please?:)

We are followed on Twitter by Kelsey Grammer! Please follow us : BabyCelebs411

Nick Lachey read our post on Jessica Simpson‘s engagement! We are happening:)

Layla Kayleigh of MTV’s America’s Best dance Crew, thanked us via Twitter for acknowledging her daughter, Melody,on her one year old celebration. Also family members from father’s side left a beautiful comment on the article.

We also have the feeling that Teresa Giudice of Real House Wives of New Jersey took a sneak peek at her predictions from Celebs911!

Maybe you know already that we created an organic baby line, which by the end of this week should be launched. However, we were announced today that we will be part of Miami Fashion Week, in March 2011!

Brand new bragging: Sonja Tremont Morganof Real Housewives of NYC, wrote an email naming our blog kind and explaining that her bankruptcy is Chapter 11!  We are delighted with the feedback!:) Read the article!

Now that we got some of these events off our chests, we feel better and we will go back to work and bring you new and exciting materials.

Thank you so much for allowing us to brag! Really:)


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  1. This blog site is extremely cool. How did you make it !?

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