Kelly Preston pregnancy….

Congratulations:) Photo by: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

We can’t think of more deserving people and, after the tragedy of loosing a child last year, John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston have been blessed with a Divine Gift when they announced in May 2010 that they are expecting their 3rd child.

Preston, 47 shared on her website the wonderful news stating: “It’s impossible to keep a secret … especially one as wonderful as this. “We want to be the first to share this great news with everyone that we are expecting a new addition to our family. Love, John, Kelly and Ella”

Coming quite as an unexpected surprise, Breaking Reports tell that John Travolta was forced to cut short his promotional efforts  for Quantas airlines from the Land Down Under and had dashed to the airport in Brisbane to fly his personal jet back to the US after learning that his wife, Kelly Preston, had gone into labour a little sooner than expected.
The actor admitted that he was constantly thinking of his wife and made a promise to be in the delivery room to welcome his son, who they will name Benjamin. And now that he kept true to his word, we wish the couple and entire family our best wishes, love and happiness and all the health in the world for this miracle Scorpio baby.


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